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Eligibility: Only a company, organization, institution or division or operating unit of such (hereafter referred to as “firm”) that directs its marketing program out of a Houston area office/location is eligible to enter. An individual is not allowed to enter. The marketing campaign and initiatives must have occurred from September 1, 2016 to September 1, 2017.

A firm becomes eligible for the MOTY Hall of Fame by winning the top Marketer of the Year (MOTY) award three times, or by winning Best In Category for three or more years and MOTY at least one of those years. When the firm enters the Hall of Fame, the firm may no longer compete.

Entries: Entries are open to both AMA members and non-members. You must select an industry category.  A company/agency may enter more than one category.  For example, an agency may enter one client’s work for Retail and another client’s work for Non-Profit. Each entry is $50.  Entry deadline is September 29, 2017 at 11:59PM.

Categories: At its discretion, the MOTY committee may divide, consolidate or change categories, or assign or move an entry to a category it deems most appropriate.

Best In Category Scoring: A panel of marketing professionals and educators from outside the Houston area reviews and scores information submitted about each entry based upon its completeness, difficulty of challenge, specificity of objectives, effectiveness of marketing strategy/tactics and measurable evidence of results. The top scores in each category become finalists, and the top score is the Best in Category winner. The Best In Category compete in the Final Judging for the overall top Marketer of the Year award. 

Final Judging: A separate group of marketing leaders from outside the Houston area will act as judges to review and score information submitted about the firms winning Best In Category. The top score will be AMA Houston's Marketer of the Year. Decisions of the MOTY committee and/or judges are final.